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This monthly conflict report is designed to update stakeholders on conflict early warning incidents as identified by CIEPD Conflict Watch Centre (CWC) across the 9 States in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. The approach of the CWC is focused on predicting, tracking, monitoring and reporting on situations, events and actors (individual, group and institutions) with the capacity to cause violence. . The CWC conflict early warning information is collected mainly through community trained incidents reporters and as well as social media sources. CWC has also gone further in strengthening its response mechanism which is critical to conflict mitigation and prevention.


Summary of Reported Incidents 

According to CWC data (see Figure 1), 50 conflict early warning incidents were reported in April 2021 across the 9 States in the Niger Delta region. The data shows an increase in reported incidents in April, compared to March with 45 reported incidents. Imo and Delta State had the highest number of reported incidents in the Niger Delta in April 2021. This was followed by Rivers. Cross River and Abia were the least violent states within the Niger Delta.



Figure 1: Number of Reported Incidents by State


According to CWC data (see Figure 2), reported incidents during the month mainly included Criminal Violence, Kidnapping, Gender Based Violence against women and Girls etc. The highest number of reported incidents during the period related mainly to Criminal Violence and Kidnapping.


Figure 2: Types of Reported Incidents 


At the regional level, the majority of incidents of Criminal Violence during the month occurred in Rivers and Edo State (see Figure 3). There was followed by kidnapping in Delta State.


Figure 3: Type of Reported Incidents by State


Situation Analysis

Conflict and violence in the Niger Delta region in April 2021 was caused largely by Criminal Violence. (Figure 2). During the month of April there was an increase in Criminal Violence in Rivers , Edo, Ondo, Bayelsa, Akwa-ibom, Cross-river and Abia State  

The CIEPD, through the Conflict Watch Center (CWC), is monitoring the situation closely and will collaborate with stakeholders for appropriate preventive interventions.


Prevention Interventions

During the month of April the CWC carried out 16 interventions to mitigate conflict and prevent violence in affected communities.


CWC Reporting Handles

Twitter: @Ciepd_CWC 

Facebook Page: CIEPD CWC 

Whatsapp: 09056454523 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


The Conflict Watch Center (CWC) is an intervention of the Community Initiative for Enhanced Peace and Development designed to identify, track and report on conflict early warning signs in the Niger Delta.


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