The Implication of Corpers’ Withdrawal from the Delta State Gubernatorial Elections

15 March 2016 by Election Reports 799 Views
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The recent announcement by the INEC in Delta State that it has received a letter from the NYSC saying that corpers

have indicated that they will not take part in the forthcoming gubernatorial elections raises a lot of questions.

The letter cited potential threat to life as the major reason why the corpers decided not to take part in the gubernatorial polls. In reaction, the INEC Commissioner said they would enlist the help of the staff from government institutions and agencies. However, this does not detract the fact that the decision by the corpers not to take part during the gubernatorial elections due to safety and security issues could be as a result of incidences witnessed or experienced during the just concluded presidential elections. It will also have some impact on the conduct of elections, as INEC would be forced to recruit ad hoc staff that is not trained to operate specialized equipment such as the card reader at short notice.
1) Could this be about potential violence that will affect everyone in the area?
2) The bringing in new corpers, can also affect the effectiveness of the entire process thereby given room for irregularities.
The conflict potential to this is very huge and realistic if is not properly handled. Please let’s look into this and avert any imminent

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